A step-by-step system created by Mette Kolding, attending to our four bodies, the balancing within each body, and the alignment of the bodies in relation to one another.

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The Physical Body is the densest of the four bodies and therefore the slowest. 

It is somewhat shaped by our DNA, environment, experiences, thoughts and emotions - all of which creates patterns in the different body systems - and even our body-posture over time. However, we have the intelligence to undo the patterns that are unhealthy and to create a new and a healthier physical frame within the restrictions we might have be challenged with. 

The element is Earth.



The Emotional Body is in the center of The Four Body System. It is the hub of the human condition wheel and it is equally connected to the other 3 bodies. Everything passes through our emotional body. We can either suppress and retain the emotions or learn how to maintain a constant flow to harness the wisdom of this energy flow. The thing is, when there’s to much backed up energy here we easily allow the repetitive Inner Child to take over the household… 

Emotion is truly just Energy in Motion and we can practice to meet it and allow it - simply for what it is.   

The element is Water.


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The Mental Body has a bit of a bad rep! But honestly, we do need our mental body to make decisions and to initiate choice and thereby conscious change! 

And here we can work a lot faster than in the dense physical body and the sometime sticky emotions. The mental body is as fast moving as the wind. Learning how to access the Higher Mind by getting familiar with our Observer Self and our essence is absolute key to including the whole of our being.

The element is Air.



The Spiritual Body is always there, but we can shut it out of our reality by being stuck in an infinity loop between the other three bodies believing that we are only our physical body, our feelings and our thoughts. 

We each have our own individual Spiritual Body and it becomes an active player in our lives when we ask for it to be so… You can choose to ask through conscious choice (the mental body) or you can wait until enough pressure is created and the infinity loop bursts- for you to open up to the 4th body. When we begin integrating this a sort of lightness can become present in our way of living... 

The element is Fire.


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The collective consciousness is deepening and the amount of light pouring causes our personal and collective frequency to rise. As human beings we tend to experience this as two things: As a sense of overwhelm, due to the faster vibrational condition, and as a longing for a Spiritual connection, a sense of coherency. We are all longing to be moving beyond our conditioned thinking and old, limiting belief-systems. It is as if the shoe doesn't fit anymore...
This longing is the longing to live in alignment with our true nature, even in the midst of Urban business and pursue of a juicy career - we have the longing to live in Freedom.


To seek Freedom is knowing how to "do life"  from a place of Allowance...  Awareness itself increases when we navigate towards freedom.  It is silent, full of love and humor.


It is an inside job, but it will manifest outside of you when you start walking the path of sincere intend and empowered choices by learning to know your four basic aspects and practicing
Allowance: Acknowledge, Accept and Act as a basic Life Skill Tool.


By using The Four Body System© we naturally and eventually connect ourselves to:
"The Universal Self"
Utilizing: Union Consciousness – Unconditional Love

Upcoming Events

  • Time is TBD
    Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark
    From March 2020 Metta will be in Copenhagen, Denmark for private yoga sessions and for her unique style of coaching and energy healing blend. Yoga: $88 for 90 minutes. Other sessions: $122 or 3 session-package for $333
  • Sat, Oct 10
    Aegialis Hotel & Spa
    Oct 10, 2020, 5:40 PM – Oct 16, 2020, 9:40 PM
    Aegialis Hotel & Spa, Periferiakos Aegialis-Tholarion, Aegiali 840 08, Greece
    Come join me in the warm, golden time of Fall on the magical seahorse island, Amorgos, Greece. Let yourself be pampered and enjoy the program of engaging your deeper awareness, teaching the min/body connection new healthy habits and resting in the arms of the sea and the ancient rocks...
  • Dec 06, 2019, 7:30 AM PST
    Shasta Yoga Institute, 315 S Mt Shasta Blvd, Mt Shasta, CA 96067, USA
    November and December 2020 Metta will be in Mount Shasta, CA open for private yoga sessions, coaching and energy healing Yoga: $88 for 90 minutes. Other sessions: $122 or 3 session-package for $333 Subbing Community Classes: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:15-11-45 §10-$15 drop Inn
  • Thu, Apr 11
    Aegialis Hotel & Spa
    Apr 11, 2019, 7:00 PM
    Aegialis Hotel & Spa, Periferiakos Aegialis-Tholarion, Aegiali 840 08, Greece
    Come join me in the colorful spring of Amorgos, Greece for a one-of-a-kind retreat!
  • Wed, Apr 03
    Aegialis Hotel & Spa
    Apr 03, 2019, 11:30 AM – Apr 08, 2019, 3:30 PM
    Aegialis Hotel & Spa, Periferiakos Aegialis-Tholarion, Aegiali 840 08, Greece
    Yogini Metta will again be giving lectures and leading meditations at The International Yoga Convention, Elysia in Amorgos, Greece. Join her whether you're a yoga student, a yoga teacher or just wanting to learn more about yoga in gorgeous surroundings in an atmosphere of light heartedness and fun.


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