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Yoga is the greatest maintenance tool of all times, literally!

The Sanskrit word meaning uniting the whole...

This is what maintains the balance for Mette and keeps her creative juices flowing.

Mette took her first yoga class in 1983 and practiced on and off alongside with her dancing practice and acting training. She began deepening her yoga practice in 2001 when a different path occurred in her life…

Opening to the Spiritual and inner life a bit more than the Acting Business could provide, her new path led her to California and to deeper studies of metaphysics alongside with her acting carrier. 

In 2012, Mette became a certified yoga teacher at Shasta Yoga Institute, California. Since then she has taught regular classes and led workshops both in the US and in Europe…

The grounding and expansion is what yoga offers; it is what we truly need to evolve and stay authentic as individuals and as a collective.


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©2017 by Mette Kolding.