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In a coaching session with Mette, you start asking your Four Bodies questions… Central in this system is our Emotional Body. When we integrate that 'energy in motion' is all that an emotion really is, we can begin to remove immense amounts of stagnated energy and obstacles from our entire being. 


You begin looking at the stories attached to these ever flowing currents of energy. When we tend to put the same story on the same type of energy flowing through - although always shifting - deep thought patterns and belief systems are created. If it isn’t invited in to a nice and stabil acceptance of change, the Emotional Body, will eventually get you on some sort of rollercoaster ride.

Mette's type of coaching will make your Emotional Body your trusted friend and a true sport opposed to a mouth-foaming stranger nor a suppressed and scared child.


A constant changing and natural flow, surrounded, supported and contained by

The Physical + Mental Body and through our intuition always open to The Spiritual Body.


See: The Four Body System


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